Dear guests,

We want to inform you that teppanyaki tables work every day exsept Monday.
Contact us on 0886 66 16 14 for Edo Sushi & Teppanyaki Ring Mall or 0878 920 100 for Edo Sushi & Teppanyaki Rakovsk

The art of teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is a technique for cooking on a flat grill, developed in Japan after World War II. Emphasize on fun ways of cooking and the variety of international ingredients, the style quickly gained popularity and soon spread beyond Japan. Today, guests sit around a special grill table to enjoy the chef who prepares meals before them in the form of a performance. Each chef has reserved movements – a volcano of onions, juggling with eggs and lightning slicing the meat are almost always part of the program. The greatest pleasure of the Teppanyaki is the opportunity to eat food very hot, fully cooked before your eyes, seconds ago.